About me

Currently employed as a member of the faculty in a private medical college in India, I am an MBBS and MD (Community Medicine) alumnus of Christian Medical College, Vellore. My current interests are teaching and medical education.


17 thoughts on “About me

  1. Sir,
    you are doing a commendable job on this site. I appreciate your effort to teach young professionals like on current relevant topics. Thank you so much

    • Dear Dr. Shilpa,

      Thanks, not only for taking the time to give feedback, but also for providing additional motivation to continue this endeavor. I was concerned whether merely providing links to documents would benefit readers. I guess those fears were misplaced.

      You may also indicate topics/ broad areas for future posts using the options listed elsewhere on this blogsite.

      Dr. Roopesh

  2. Dear Dr. Roopesh,
    This blog is quite resourceful for those new to the ways Community Medicine. The links are quite useful. Keep posting more. Thank you.
    With best regards,
    Dr. Manoj Aravind.

  3. Dear Dr. Roopesh
    Your blog – its content, decoration and info … are really useful . Hope you can continuously post and share more in future. Life is short but we can keep developing it every day. Be strong, man. Good luck
    Best regards

    • Dear RC,

      Thanks for the generous words of appreciation and encouragement.

      I strive to learn and share as much as possible.

      It is heartening to know that you find the content of the blog useful.

      I’m sure to find inspiration and motivation in your words whenever I doubt the wisdom of maintaining this blog.

      Thanks once again.

      Dr. Roopesh

  4. Hello!!
    Great going.we community medicine people really have to stay in touch with updates and clear our doubts about recent research .
    Such blogs are very informative.
    Looking forward to learn and share.
    Best of luck!!
    Geetu singh

    • Dear Dr. Geetu Singh,

      Thanks for the kind words.
      I am glad you found this blog useful. Please feel free to share and recommend to your friends/ colleagues.

      Dr. Roopesh

  5. hello Dr.
    I am currently doing Master in Epidemiology and in my thesis i am looking into PTSD among children and multiple exposure. My exposure and outcome are continuous so i am confused how should i proceed with my sampling. I defined alpha as 0.05 and power as 0.8. please give me some insight regarding this
    With regards,
    Shneha Acharya

  6. Dear Dr Roopesh,
    Kindly, what formula would be appropriate for a KAP study on diabetes. The objectives are: to find out socio demographic characteristics of the population, find out the knowledge of diabetes, attitudes towards diabetes and practices related to diabetes in the population? thanks

  7. Hello dr
    I want to conduct across section study in pattern of congenital heart disease among pediatrics in my city how an i measure the prevelnce and also thr sampld size ? If the prevelance of congenital heart disease is 3.9

    • Dear Asma,

      Conducting a cross-sectional study will yield the prevalence.

      What is your study population, and is it a community based or hospital based study?

      Dr. Roopesh

  8. Hi sir,
    we are third year students of dm wims,we have a doubt regarding following question
    plan diet for 30 year old pregnant lady from lower socioeconomic status from an urban slum
    (kuhs paper 1 feb 2015)
    please help us to solve the problem

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